What can I help you with? Hypnotherapy can help deal with so many issues: Anxiety and Stress, Panic Attacks,  Fears and Phobias, Habit control, Improve Confidence, Insomnia and much more.

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Hypnotherapy can help with


Wide Range of Issues 

Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks

These thoughts and feelings display in many forms eg: IBS, Infertility, Low mood even physical symptoms. Using Hypnotherapy, you can change your perception of the negative thoughts and feelings.

Addiction and Habit Control (Obsessions/ Compulsions)

Struggling with that annoying habit? Want to be free from the drinking or smoking that is taking over? Take control of your unwanted habits, what ever they may be.

Confidence Building/ Improve Self Esteem/ Public Speaking

Needing a boost to your confidence to help make your life choices? Improve your job opportunities. Be more aware of your own self worth both personally and in the workplace.

Fears and Phobias

What scares you the most? Heights? Driving? Flying? Spiders?  What? Want to rid yourself of those fearful, debilitating feelings and emotions? Hypnotherapy could help you.

Insomnia and PTSD

To get a good nights sleep and wake feeling energized and more positive!  To feel more in control of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day so you can sleep better on a night. You can learn techniques to help yourself too.

Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

Take control of your body and mind. Be the size and shape you want to be, the size and shape that makes you feel happier and more content with yourself and the world around you.

Dandy Kendall is a member of the "General Hypnotherapy Register"

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Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation and concentration at one with a state of heightened awareness, induced by suggestion.